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    The Soviets were there for assets and drugs just like us. In spring 2001 the Taliban said no to Unocal and then it all cascaded from there with the Edward Burnais propaganda. We even installed a former Unocal exec as their puppet president.

    Get our men and women the hell out of there. Protecting the drug trade and oil routes are not worth American soldiers lives. Stop killing American kids so foreign banking cartels can enrich themselves. UnConstitutional acts of war.

    Defend our borders and stop acting like the Roman Empire or we will surely die like it.
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    A different perspective and well worth the read time. While I wasn't surprised when he spoke about wishing for someone to shoot the 6 y/o girl who was spotting the attack on marines I was amazed that he admitted it. I'm sure that it must be a bit of a challenge to go from the standard hospital environment to war zone practice and back again with every deployment. I will say that GSW and other trauma treatment will most likely be improved for several years with the batch of emergency room docs that have experienced so much real world experience in the sand box ( at least at the hospitals that are forward thinking enough to take advantage of the opportunity / experience). I don't care how many degrees or where they got them - I'd put first hand experience up against an expensive piece of paper any day of the week...

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