WTS/WTT OR Aero Precision Ballistic Advantage 20" .223 Wylde Fluted Stainless SPR/DMR With Scope

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    For sale is a 20" 1/8 twist, .223 Wylde, Heavy Fluted 416R Stainless Ballistic Advantage Barrelled, Aero Precision (M4E1 upper, lower, and BCG) rifle. This is setup is perfect for a special purpose rifle, or designated marksman rifle build. It comes with the VG6 Epsilon combo muzzle brake/flash hider with the VG6 Cage device (removable) added on to tame some of the side concussion without losing performance. Between the muzzle brake, the rifle length gas system, and the rifle length buffer (tuned spring) this gun shoots light and smooth. Comes with a mounted, Aero Precision SPR mount, and zeroed Primary Arms 4-14x 5.56 HUD first focal plane scope with included scope level, sunshade, and throw lever. This scope is amazing for what it can do, just do a search online and see for yourself. Additionally, this gun has a hogue overmolded grip, Rise Armament 3.5 lb cassette trigger, Magpul cantilever picattiny mount (for light/bipod), a Magpul vertical grip, 45 degree offset sights, and a Luth AR MBA-1 precision stock.

    Asking $1250.

    Will take some brass cased 9mm and 5.56/.223 ammo in partial trade.


    0718181916a.jpg 0718181916.jpg 0718181915a.jpg
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