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223 Remington
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look we got another ad for an AR!!!
Will this guy have a long list with itemization of every single unique snowflake part that will make this honda civic of guns worth x10 then normal?
or will he want to trade for a gun that was in a action video game?
probably not its me the king poor Financial decisions.

So what I got bubblegum is my attempt to blow the brains out of a yote and be quiet about it.
You know what does that better? 22mag
bbbbbuuuttttttt no I have to go full cool kid and did this.
Oh it did the job well, Made a mess of the creature that decided to kill 6 of the lambs of my friend's farm.
But you know it also did? It was still loud with my suppressor. So pop in the suppressor off
and going back to good old fashioned 22 magnum in a bolt gun or pump.

so its a aero with 18in flutted barrel in 223 wylde Or whatever you call it that allows you to use both ammo without hearing the artistic screaming of your National Guard buddy that thinks he knows guns.
It has the fancy drop in trigger and it has one of those buffers that doesn't sound like old people having sex on a mattress from the forties.
some magpul furniture too

comes with 300 rounds and 8 mags.

cool but what is your lowest you go.
all yours for 600. but so cheap!? because its used now and am not a pawn shop.
yes I will trade. here's what I would trade for
22mag guns and ammo. savage a22 would me sweet.
some pump guns 22 or 22mag.
my balls to stop sticking to my leg in summer
semi auto shotguns not made in turkey.

feel free to ask questions or judge me

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