WTS WA Aero M4E1 16” Midlength upper *new*

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    Got this last month from a fellow member, and was saving it for a rainy day...
    Well it started raining sooner than expected.

    without BCG or Charge Handle it’s $429 if you were to order it today from Aero...
    M4E1 Enhanced 16" 5.56 Mid-Length Complete Upper Receiver

    I’ll include a BCG and Charge Handle and give it to you for $399!

    I have nice but stocks, grips, and other parts to make a build out of it... Ill make a sweet
    Package deal for you!
    18C35BEC-F2B6-4323-91C8-D9077AD47B1E.jpeg 2AFC5ACF-563C-46B5-AA2E-01BFE21B9722.jpeg BF498B7A-B117-4F7D-B357-256307B3ECEC.jpeg 2D6C1954-7701-4893-8F86-BEEDB3D197CE.jpeg
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