advise on scope power range for varmits

Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by Mark W., May 29, 2011.

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    OK here's the deal I'm about to buy a Savage model 12 VLP DBM in .243 locally.

    Savage Arms Firearms > 12 VLP DBM

    I'll need to put a scope on it.

    The main use for this heavy barrel heavy stock varmit rifle will be stationary Varmit hunting (sage rats, rabbits and some Coyote). Christmas valley Silver lake type country.
    For the little critters I doubt I would be reaching past 200 yards Coyotes I'd like 300 yards.

    I'm not looking for suggestions on brands but on the actual power range of the scope and maybe if lighted rectials and target turrets are advantagous.

    in my current Price range, brand and model options I find:
    3-10X - 44mm 1" tube std turrets
    4.5-14X - 40mm 1" tube std turrets mil dot
    4.5-14X - 40mm 30mm tube Target/tactical style turrets mil dot(I have one of these on my Varmit .22LR but no field experiance with it yet)
    8.5-25X - 44mm 1" tube std turrets mil dot

    Now I know that with a sage rat at 200 yards 10X is not going to be an advantage but on the other hand 8.5X ain't gonna help on a rabbit at 30 yards

    What do you guys like?

    There are others I could look at like a 6-18X but I'll leave that open to discussion.
  2. catwithboost

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    If it were me I would look at 6-18 range. I have that on my AR and it does well. But before that it was on my heavy barrel 243 till I changed it over for a target rifle.
    In case you want a brand I went with a Nikon buckmaster.
  3. deadeye

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    I use a 6X24X50 on my Rem. 788 .243 I use/load 55gr Nosler ballistic tip @4000fps.
  4. nw17hmr

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    +1 on the 6-18. I think this magnification range is good enough for the small critters (sage rats) and not as twitchy as the 20+ magnification, and cheaper.
  5. sprocket3

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    I would go with something like 3-12 or 4-16. I think the ideal scope on the market is the bushnell 6500 2-16 power. I have two higher power scopes I would trade for lower power scopes. One 6-24 and one 5-20. I just never turn them up past 16 power range and would rather have the lower side.

    If you ever coyote hunt you will want something lower than 6 power. If you need 20x to see the sage rat, you will not be hitting it.
  6. motoman98

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    4-16, or 6-18 would both be good. bit anything above 12x is sometimes worthless on a very warm day(mirage). I don't care for the Mil-dot for varmints: they cover too much target. Try fine cross hairs or a 1/4min dot. Rangefinder and target turrets and learn your rifle's ballistics for consistant hits.

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