Advise on Open Carry of AR-15 pistol on single point sling in a vehicle

Legal to open carry AR pistol on single point sling on back or forest roads

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So I feel I am somewhat to knowledge of the laws of firearm carrying and transportation in a vehicle, but recently moving to Oregon and reading online, more and more, I'm confused. I took the Oregon and Utah Concealed Handgun Permit class and can now only get Utah's permit because of a very stupid Misdemeanor that I had to plead to because of politics and lack of money for a REAL lawyer to prove myself against the police and district attorney - very sad and unfair situation as a good working citizen of our great country....long story and don't feel like explaining. So I have always loved the woods, back country, fishing, hunting, gold panning, and just exploring. Since moving to Oregon, I have been in awe of the vast amounts of woods, hills, mountains and roads through the creeks and rivers in god's country. Yet now, when I am looking for future areas to start hunting and fishing in this new land and putting in countless hours exploring and panning for gold allot of times in state, federal forest, BLM land and just plain old no mans lands, I have a growing concern and sometimes FEAR of what may lie around the next corner on these remote roads. Normally a 1911 is my only passenger along when my wife is not with. I'm currently building a AR pistol exclusively for carrying on me while in these areas on a single point sling either on my chest or on my back so it's close and my hands can be used for carrying other tools.

So can anyone comment, advise, or educate me on your opinions, facts or legal advice on while I'm driving in these areas, and only in these areas, Can I legally drive and do what I do as I described and have my AR-15 pistol on a single point sling in plain sight on my chest loaded with clip in and around in the chamber. If I come around a corner in the road and someone is standing there or on a four-wheeler with a gun and probably not there to tell me where to find some gold or a hot hunting spot, I would like to have a option at hand if evading and bugging out is not an option.

I understand this may cause some to question the situation or my need to put myself there, but this is what I like to do and I am not about to let a small amount of people in this society scare me into staying at home and take up cross puzzles. I understand some of these growers may be in a region of low income or just their way of making a living and I could care less. Yet the ones who are going to intimidate people utilizing public lands for what they are set aside for are the ones I feel I as a American should stand up for myself and be able to Defend myself. Thanks for any post, good or bad
Boy, if I was out having a nice hike, camp or just bubblegumming my lady by the river and this guy shows up with an AR around his neck looking nervous, I think i might just bubblegum myself! Stay safe but dont go brandishing the thing at anything that moves, ok?
Well, let me first say, the purpose of this question and the intent will not be to scare anyone bubblegumming their women next to their favorite dipping hole, lol, common sense and care for others peace of mind is always at mind. I once saw a video of some guys practicing their open carry rights at the local red lobster with full sized rifles and shotguns and also thought that was a little extreme. I guess I will admit, back in Minnesota, I can't really think of a area that I had to worry about finding drug cartels or just regular people hoboing the land for their WEED cultavation and have been known to use fear or force to keep others out of the area, even if people have been hunting that land for years. So again, Im talking about going into areas where most people by default of not having a proper fourwheel drive truck or the need to be 15 miles or more in the hills or boonies. But, raising the question on which piece of evidence would I rather have the OTHER team be presenting in a case of deadly force, Well, to be honest, If Im putting myself into areas that may take me two hours to get into and may not just be able to make a u turn and hit the freeway on ramp, I would rather present the court with the choice of self defense that best suited the area with the best possible results of me ever sitting in a court room, Alive, and stating what I believe the drug cartel guys thoughts were in a third person prospective.
Keep hiking and bubblegumming at your favorite spots, If you ever see me, either you are lost or I will be panning gold or scouting hunting areas and will be more then glad to offer any help, food, water or just a polite conversation as long as your not telling me I need to get the **** out of the Public area because you have a gun or Im too close to your Ganja.
Isn't there a requirement to have a holster cover the trigger? Thought I've heard of that somewhere. Like a holster that doesn't cover the trigger guard is considered an AOW. Thoughts?
Isn't there a requirement to have a holster cover the trigger? Thought I've heard of that somewhere. Like a holster that doesn't cover the trigger guard is considered an AOW. Thoughts?
My understanding: no

Otherwise sticking the gun in your belt or pocket would be illegal (concealment aside). You may be thinking of state law which often says "firearms openly carried in a belt holster are not considered concealed". Or you may be thinking of AOW's such as pen guns and cane guns, which are functional firearms designed to not appear as firearms, or the MP5 Operational Briefcase, a device constructed to conceal a firearm yet allow full operation, essentially "converting" a firearm to an AOW. The MP5 Briefcase is one of the only examples of the second, and it is a very rare example of AOW "conversion".
I cant speak for the laws of Oregon, but it seems to me that a normal rifle on a 2 point sling slung over your back and a good holstered sidearm open would a better solution for exploring out in the woods. I had a single point sling briefly and it seemd like my Mak90 just wanted to flop around without a hand on the rifle. You mention wanting to have hands free for tools.
If you carry a weapon on a single point sling in Washington (west-tide for sure) get ready for a brandishing charge. There was a case not too long ago that went all the way to the supreme court where a guy carrying an AR was convicted of brandishing for carrying it "in an assaultive manner." From what I was able to find on the case, the single-point sling was the culprit.
Wow the level of paranoid on this forum scares the horse pucks out of me sometimes. I'm less and less worried about the "bad guys" ands more and more worried I will run into one of the fine upstanding loons from this forum. Armed to the teeth and seeing a zombie attack coming around every corner.

LOL how right you are................ Paranoia is running at an all time high but its funny to read a lot of these threads.

I have 500 pounds of new rice:s0114::s0114::s0114::s0114:
couple of thoughts, more on the practical rather than legal side of things...

First, I imagine that if you're out doing your panning or whatever, that that AR pistol is going to just keep bashing around, hitting the dirt, generally just getting in the way like some 5lb pendulem.. I have a 10" AR pistol on a Gear Sector single point and whilst it's dandy for running and gunning, it's a cumbersome SOB for just going about your business, especially if you're trekking through scrub and brush.
The same if driving. It's a big weapon to manipulate in a small space around a steering wheel. But you might have a big truck...or stubby arms.

Second, if I'm guarding my (theoretical) weed patch and a stranger comes around, I'll likely tell them they're trespassing and ask them to leave. If said stranger comes around, now with an AR pistol hanging from him, I'm just straight opening fire without much conversation or dallying. And I might not be alone, I might have a couple of friends with me who share my lack of interest in small talk. Again, you might be some ex super soldier and it's not a worry, that's just my take.
Under § 166.260¹ Persons not affected by ORS 166.250, which 166.250¹ is Unlawful possession of firearms & itself stems from § 166.240¹ Carrying of concealed weapons. The people not affected are listed as; "Licensed hunters or fishermen while engaged in hunting or fishing, or while going to or returning from a hunting or fishing expedition."

So while you are doing the activities you listed such as hunting or fishing, you can have your ar-15 pistol wherever you like. And according to fish & game it would NOT be required to have only a 5 round magazine in it if you are just carrying it & not harvesting game with it. Only the firearm you use to harvest the game is said to be required the 5 round magazine rule.


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