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Advise needed on building an AR upper.

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by Russianfist, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. Russianfist

    Russianfist Sweet home, Oregon Active Member

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    I am building my first AR upper and need some instruction and advise please?

    Im using an anderson upper reciecver with dust cover and forward assist already installed. I have an ESS SOCOM "16 barrel and will be adding magpul carbine handguards.
    What I need to know is where to locate the parts I need to finish it and need to know what torgue spec to set the barrel nut. Also, a step by step tutorial would be helpful.
    Also, whats the best route to go on the gas system? Standard or piston? Is piston reliable?
  2. SCannon

    SCannon Battle Ground, WA Active Member

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  3. nrc

    nrc Oregon Member

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  4. jonn5335

    jonn5335 Longview Active Member

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    The Ultimate Reloader has very good vid's on youtube of how to put an Ar together. Midwayusa is a good source of parts sounds like you need a bolt carrier group (bcg), charging handle, gas block & pin, gas tube, barrel nut/delta ring. The piston system is more reliable than the standard gas system and even if you have the extra cash to do it I personally would'nt parts are not interchangeable between brands. I usually torque to 40-60lbs as much as needed to lign up the hole for the gas tube.
  5. eldbillbo

    eldbillbo clackamas New world samurai and a redneck none the less Bronze Supporter

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    In regards to the piston you should just do a search on the board its been discussed into the ground.

    Bottom line is its a personal preference thing. you have to spend a lot more money on the system to prevent carrier tilt and receiver cam pin ware, its less balanced, its puts all the crude in the piston chamber not in your bolt carrier group, they are reliable . there are many different systems unlike the single DI System and most Piston systems are not universal so if you company you buy from goes out of business or if the piston fad fades away then if you break or loose a part you got a nice tent stake

    DI systems if you get a good one and you know the ins and outs to maintain them they will work like a horse they do get dirty but a good one will keep going and going as long as its wet. they have so many new upgrades now that i think the DI with the upgrades will run circles around the piston system but thats just my opinion and its worth at least 2 cents. parts are interchangable if you break a piston part your going to have to pay quite a bit and have to wait if you break a part on a DI you can pick one up at most local gun stores and parts are not as expensive .

    Pistons are cool i own 1 and i own the exact match in a DI my piston rifle cost a lot more just in piston upgrades (special buffer tube, roller cam, special rail , and the $200+ piston system itself vs a $25 front sight base and $15 gas tube.
  6. DirectDrive

    DirectDrive Vancouver, WA Silver Supporter Silver Supporter

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    The Brownells' videos linked above are very good.
    There are a few flaws....

    1. They don't use moly grease (Aero Shell 33MS or Valvoline VV632) on the receiver threads prior to the barrel install.
    2. They don't use the Colt recommended 3x torque method where you run up to 28-30 ft lbs, back off and run up again. Then on the 3rd pass go for barrel nut alignment with the receiver.
    The torque range for the barrel nut on a M16/M4/AR15 is 30-80 ft lbs.
    Try to stay on the lower end of that.
    3. They use a receiver block for muzzle device work. You should use barrel blocks for muzzle device work.

    Forget pistons for now.

    Colt Canada downloads.
    Under "Maintenance Instructions" is the best and most current TM that I know of.
    More clarity and less administrative crap than the US manuals.
  7. Russianfist

    Russianfist Sweet home, Oregon Active Member

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    I thought that the barrel nut torque would have been in inch pounds not foot pounds. Good to know.
  8. Doc In UPlace

    Doc In UPlace Tacoma-ish Well-Known Member

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    Thank you for the link to the Canadian TM, much appreciated.

    As to a trigger, the Geissele SSA is superb for Carbine work. :thumbup: