Advice on possible P229 purchase?

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by firstbassman, Jan 21, 2012.

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    Hi all. I need some advice on buying a used pistol. I've been looking at a particular (well) used Sig P229 in 40S&W. The price is lower than many, but the bluing is pretty worn.

    But here is the thing that concerns: the feed ramp has two slight burrs at the outside of the bottom tips, where the ramp contacts the frame. My question is this—

    1. What is a ball park price to have this fixed or replaced, and
    2. Is this a sign of another problem or just normal wear?

    If the seller will adjust the price accordingly, it may be worth it to buy and fix, otherwise I'll keep looking. I could get a P229 without these issues for $100–150 more. Advice, comments?
  2. iamme

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    That $1-150 would be spent quick in refinishing, however if you wanted a different finish it's a wash. Feedramp would need pics to see what/how bad.
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    I would go for a less carried/used firearm, and look for a sas model if your going to carry. The feedramp is part of the barrel and barrels are close to 2oo, and a Sig has a nitron finish which has to be removed in most cases to have another finish put on. Or it has to be sent back to the Sig nitron finish put back on, which is spendy. Good luck.
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    If it looks pretty worn, the internals could also be getting worn. Work the slide a few times and pay attention to how tight or loose it feels. Just based on the wear you have described, I'd be inclined to just spend a little more money on a better one.
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    I've two 229's in .40, I like them both. Sig, for a price, will take care of each issue you mentioned; feed ramp polishing and refinishing. Their price list is on their website under 'custom shop'...

    I imagine that there are other folks around that do this sort of thing also...there is a fellow in Southern Oregon called 'Gray Guns' who seems to have a bit of a cult following on another website. But I have never had any work done by him...
    Grayguns by Bruce Gray

    So it all boils down to what you are willing to pay to address the issues versus what the purchase price ultimately is. You are wise to have it looked at by somebody who can identify when these things have reached the end of their service point in throwing money away on something that will end up as a doorstop.

    Good luck.

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