Adventures in Texas

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by albin25, May 29, 2015.

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    I got home from almost 2 weeks in San Marcos, Texas on Sunday night...I've seen enough rain for a while.

    My wife and I flew down there to attend my Daughter's Grad at Texas State University and to do some work on a house we bought there a couple of months back for my girl to live in during Grad school (payments are much cheaper than rent). My daughter's been there on a full ride scholarship and has now been given another free ride to get her Masters as well as an assistantship (job) so she's pretty much self sufficient even after paying us rent.
    I like the area ok, but geez the climate there really and hyper humid.
    This spring it is on steroids!

    We were lucky that we decided to head to the airport in San Antonio extra early. The drive there was in heavy rain most of the way. It's a good thing we left the house at 3 am instead of 3:30, not because the drive was a few minutes longer as expected, but because a bridge we had to cross near our house was almost under water. At 8 pm the previous evening the Blanco River (more arroyo than river) was pretty much a dry ditch forty feet below the bridge. They really know how to put the "flash" in flood done there.

    After dropping us at the airport my daughter had to park'n'snooze for 5 hours in the parking garage at the college until the bridge re-opened for her to get home. It wasn't until we were waiting for our connection in Salt Lake City that we found out that our house was out of danger.

    Did I mention the development is called Blanco River Village?..Yup, missed being flooded by about 5 feet of elevation.

    The kid called last night. She adopted a kitten from a flooded animal shelter.
    I told her to name it Flash.
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    I like Texas, spent a few weeks there and enjoyed it a great deal. Wife said it was the best BBQ ever but I couldn't drag myself from the Cajun food. Most of the people were very nice and prices seemed reasonable. Did I say I like Texas?:D
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    My brother lives there and it is a nice place to visit. The heat, humidity, and every snake / bug that bites you can kill you is the part I have a problem with,lol. The people and food are fantastic.
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    Was stationed in west Texas for the better part of a year. Texas has many good points and many bad points....hurricanes and recent flooding to name a few. If arm was twisted could live in the hill country because I hear they have some trees. Otherwise I am all good where I currently live.
    My son and my current wife were both born in Texas. 20 years apart for anyone with a twisted mind reading that comment:p

    Brutus out
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    I hope the Riverwalk and the Alamo are ok in San Antonio! We were there a couple months ago. Great place, I felt a strong connection to the Alamo! Good luck, Texans! SRG
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    Texas, I love it, roadside billboards advertising gun shops and race tracks.
    I get there about a half dozen times a year on business. Great steaks and great people.

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