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Advanced Armorment Corp / Adapters Question

I'm on the jail waiting list for a AAC Ti-Rant 45M, that I'll be needing to get a 1/2"x28 Tri-Lug and Adapter for. I see the suppressor accessories available, and what I need is available.

The question is, are other manufacturers (or 3rd party that make them), other designs that are better, adapters the same thread as ACC? I've been trying to find this out, but my efforts in searching have led me here to ask the well invested, into the realm of suppressors that can share their efforts with links.

If I must go OEM, so be it!!!
They're a scosch expensive, and nature of the game I am sure.
The price you pay is what it is. I like to save a little if others are up to spec. :)


Beware of poorly machined trilug mounts. They usually mask they’re poor machining with lower prices.

Ask my front end cap how I know this.

As for adapters, I’d stick with the manufacturer that made your can. Just to ensure everything is factory and warranties are sound.

Last thing you’ll want is a blown baffle or endcap and the manufacturer refuse warranty because of another brands adapter being used.


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