Adams Arms Gas Piston Midlength Evolution Superlight AR15

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    Decided I have other projects & have enough AR15s.

    Adams Arms Evolution Midlength Superlight Gas piston upper. 16" melonited barrel with Adams Arms comp. Test fired for function verification and sighting in.
    Lower has appx 2k rounds through it with a different upper. Knight's Armament Ambi Mag release. Cav Arms stock was shortened by (Cav Arms authorized gunsmith) to ~11" LOP.

    Cash Price $1200
    Redmond FTF

    Will entertain trades but I'll gauge all values based on reasonable LGS pricing (think West Coast Armory). So please no barebone $600 WASR offers.

    Trade Interests:
    AK (SLR-107F or CR would be ideal)
    Saiga 308
    Daewoo Max 2 or AR-100
    AR in 308
    SA M1A
    Details on Rainier Arms' site
    Rainier Arms™ | Browse | Adams Arms | Adams Arms 5.56 Mid EVO Ultra Lite Piston Upper - 16
    Review by Defense Review's Jeff Gurwich:
    Defense Review - Adams Arms (AA) Evo Ultralite Ultra-Light/Super-Lightweight Gas Piston/Op-Rod AR Carbine Upper Receiver Assemblies (Mid-Length and Carbine-Length) for 3-Gun Competition and Combat: Super-Accurate and Super-Fast!
    Defense Reviews' David Crane (Note the minimal muzzle rise):
    David Crane Runs the Adams Arms Evo Ultra-Lite 16" AR Upper in a Running Tactical Shooting Drill - YouTube

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