ACOG TA31A 4x w/ T51 rail mount

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    Trijicon ACOG TA31A w/ T51 rail mount - $650

    Well used ACOG TA31A. This is a compact 4x, red triangle, .223 calibrated scope. Radium night sights are still bright (in the dark). Factory Trijicon T51 rail mount is included with this.

    I've run this on my AR for PR over the past 6 months with good success.

    Make: Trijicon
    Model: Compact ACOG TA31A (4x)
    Mount: Trijicon T51 rail mount
    Reticle: Red triangle, .223 calibration out to 800 meters. Illuminated by fiber optic and radium.
    Condition: Okay. Basic surface scars all over. Cracked plastic housing around fiber optic (VERY common and does not impact performance).

    * If interested, contact by PM or
    * Not interested in trades. Prefer FTF transaction, or can ship to out of state for cost of shipping.
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