Accuracy International AE MkII--traded--

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    Hey Guys,
    I really hate to let this one go. It's a real beauty, and should service anyone well.

    Originally bought from Mile High Sports, this gun is basically stock, but had a bit of work done on the end. This was mainly to accomodate a sound suppressor, but I've yet to get one in 308. Round count is right about 500.

    Some notes on this rifle from the original owner from when I was acquiring it:

    1) The test target from Mile High Shooting showed 3 3-shot groups of Fiocchi 168gr at .75moa. My loads of Sierra 155 Palma, 46.0 8208, Tula 7.62, win brass had me consistently to .5moa. I'm sure that I could have tightened it up, but I am not one for shooting groups, and .5moa is better than I'll ever need.
    2) Cut the barrel to 22" (perfect .308 length, in my opinion)
    3) Re-crown
    4) Thread 5/8x24" for my suppressor
    5) Install the RD Precision Rapid brake. This brake allows for quick removal for shooting suppressed, and requires no timing. As with all Rapid brakes, there is no "collar" machined into the barrel (ala Badger FTE), but there is a small relief cut between the back of the brake and the shoulder. This allows for fine tuning as necessary.

    Price is $3200-traded-. This includes the pictured swivel Harris short bipod and the factory AI scope mount. Also include is one 10rd factory magazine.
    th_AIAE2.jpg th_IMG_3953.jpg th_IMG_3949.jpg th_IMG_3948.jpg th_IMG_3947.jpg

    As an added bonus, I'll also include this unworn, brand new Accuracy International polo shirt. Size is XL, IIRC.
    th_AIShirtLogo.jpg th_AIShirt.jpg
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    thats one nice rig, i would of bought it if the shirt was my j/k ..bump to the top for a great deal. if i had more room in the vault and less .308's id be all over this.

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