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well yeah… thats fine but what about the history of the guns? was it illegally straw purchased? was it stolen? was it sold FTF no BGC? was it some poor bassturds boating accident gun found, restored, used in a crime? lots of variables there…

joe, youre a moron.

i apologize to all the morons out there for insulting you by saying that.
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ar man

Dumb just got dumber.
We are in the day of where crap out weighs true cold hard facts I guess.
Biden full of it


They play with numbers so hard that they eventually become unrecognizable as statistical basis for anything.

When attempting to rationalize Fast and Furious they kept throwing around numbers like (forgive my inaccuracies, I'm making these numbers up as an example);
"75% of the guns used in cartel crimes came from licenced, legal, American, gun dealers"
Of the THOUSANDS of firearms recovered, about 1 or 2% could be traced to their origins at all.
Of those, 1 or 2% could be traced to the US.
Of those, 75% came from legal gun sales in the US. So, like... 5.

Here's a classic:

The debunked study that concluded that Americans who own firearms are far more likely to be killed than those that do not.
Not unlike Coronavirus deaths, the death toll included (mostly) people who died in car accidents, diseases, industrial accidents, etc, but happened to have a gun at home. Turns out, gun owners actually die at the same rate as non gun owners (duh), but the stat STILL gets repeated over and over.

Unfortunately, l can't remember the name of the "study"... started w a B.
Brown- or Braun-something.
It's been scrubbed from Google.


One glaring problem with that plan: According to a 2019 report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), just 7 percent of criminals who use guns buy them "under their own name from a licensed firearm dealer."

From the A-Team. BA to Murdock. "Man, how do you put up with yourself"?

How any government official or entity can know the facts and move forward to push lies to eliminate citizens rights is nothing less than corruption. Worse is the sheep that blindly allow and support it. Especially older people who's life experience tells them better.
Let Freedom Ring
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