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What is one ridiculous thing you see people say all the time in gun forums that just gives you a giggle. It can be anything from a common misconception or an irrational statement up to obvious exaggerations or ninja speak.

Every now and then someone starts a thread after panicking because they heard from a friend that gun "x" has had issues. Usually it is a big bunch of nothing. Still there is seldom a shortage of negative Nancy's just waiting to bash a gun that does not happen to be their preferred firear. Usually they have never even owned one but there always seems to be the one person who comes along as says "I have owned ten of them!" (or some other absurd numer) "Each and every one was complete junk!!!" I always get a laugh out of such absurd statements. At what point are we supposed to start disbelieving their story. After they bought three bad ones and still bought a forth? After they bought five bad ones and still bought a sixth?

What is your thing?


saw this on a different post thought it was funny...

I've been shooting Taurus PT1911s for 20 years and have never been disappointed. Thousands upon thousands of rounds. I just keep shooting them, hitting what I aim at, never worring about FTF or FTE, and laughing at the snobbishly ill-informed nay-sayers.

when after a little research done you will find that the PT1911's were not introduced till fall of 2005.... Taurus PT1911 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The one I get a kick out of is that P.O.S. guns are FUN (sometimes MORE fun than a decent gun), like they LIKE dinking around with the gun (just to try to make it function correctly) instead of shooting it. Then you see the same guy posting said "FUN GUN" with some bubba'd mods (sometimes making it unsafe to use) up for sale, stating they just couldn't get it to work right. DUH!! That's why they are considered P.O.S. guns.
On the interwebs everyone can be a Ninja!
I find it absolutely fascinating that most folks who have the strongest political opinions (usually to the right) have the poorest command of written English...and usually limited knowledge of the law and politics...they also are quick to offer up that Sarah Palin is hot.....coincidence?
"Obama is a socialist/communist."

Cheeze, he's from HARVARD LAW SCHOOL! And he has spent the last two years desperately trying to keep the big Wall Street banks and the Big Three automakers from going out of business. Even his big health care reform protects the income of the filthy rich drug manufacturers and health insurance companies. If he was a socialist he would not be risking his career protecting fat-cat capitalists!..............................elsullo :cool:


The big M4/AR15 forums. Pretty much any thread gets hijacked by douches that never/only shot or used once the type of gun/optic/ammo/peice of equipment the OP is asking for opinions about.
Who said anything about Palin talking?
Woman are to be seen and not heard. :s0114:
That would go over well with her, don't ja think?:s0132:
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