about 2200 rounds of 230g lead .45 bullets $80

Discussion in 'Ammunition Classifieds' started by oldcars, Apr 29, 2010.

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  1. oldcars

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    I got these in an estate and they are NOT LUBED OR SIZED! Just a bucket of cast .45 bullets 230 grain round nose great fo feeding your 45acp or modern 45colt. I dont have a luber/sizer and don't plan on buying one. I have not counted them, and I'm not going to!!!!! a new un-opened box of 500 230grain weighs about 15lbs and this bucket weighs 68lbs so I figure if I say 2200 that should be fair. They are clean and were stored indoors. $80 firm or will trade for :

    -1000 rounds of commercial 38/.357 bulk bullets
    -1000 rounds of commercial bulk .44 or .45 bullets
    -4 boxes of Federal 525 round Bulk 22lr or 4 bricks of American Eagle 22lr
    -Loaded factory ammo in: 380,9mm,38special,357mag,44special,44mag,45acp,45colt,38-40,.223,7mm-08,30-30,30-06,8mm Mauser
    -Old beater Leupold scope

    Please email me or call me at 503-703-2874
  2. jobear

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    I'm interested in the 357 mag. what do you have and for what price?
    thanks Joe
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