AAC 300BLK Upper w/BCG + Ammo & Brass $850

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    I'm selling my 300 blackout upper. Shoots great, I'd just rather narrow down my AR's to only 223rem. About 300-500 rounds have been shot out of it (However much brass is in the box is the current round count). All parts are the same as what came out of the box when I bought it last november, except I upgraded the charging handle to a Gunfighter. The specs are as follows:

    Barrel: 16" nitride coated, 1:7 twist, carbine length gas, blackout 51T flash hider
    BCG: Nickel Boron Carrier, standard coating on the bolt
    Rail: Knight's Armament URX II free floated w/integral front sight + 3 rail covers
    Rear Sight: Magpul MBUS
    Charging Handle: BCM/Vltor Gunfighter Mod3

    Ammo: 180 Total rounds
    PNW 125 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip: 60 rounds
    PNW147 FMJ BT range ammo: 40 rounds
    Barnes 110 grain TAC-TX: 40 rounds
    Remington Premier MatchMatch 125 Grain OTM: 40 rounds

    Also included is a box of once fired brass (Not sure on the count, 300-500 probably). The brass hasn't been deprimed, resized, or cleaned.

    I'm asking $850, and it must be sold as a package. Please don't ask me to sell the ammo individually. I know that alot of people are looking for blackout ammo right now, but I'm sure you can understand that with how rare blackout ammo is, it will be very difficult for me to sell this upper if ammo doesn't come with it.

    The only trade I would consider would be a G20sf gen3 or G20 gen4, lightly used, plus cash. I'm located in Oakville, WA, work in Olympia, I'm willing to meet FTF in that general area (I'll also be traveling to the peninsula through Tacoma tomorrow, so I could bring it with me if you're in that area.

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