There is no shame or sense of decency any more on the part of the liberals and anti-gun factions. It used to seem as though they'd wait at least a day or two after any sort of shooting incidents before talking gun control (supposedly out of respect for the families of victims of "gun violence"); now, Gaffemeister Biden can't go three hours after any "mass shootings" before spouting his nonsense.

But who are we kidding? It's like there's no hope anymore. A state's voters elect a dead guy to its state legislature and elect another guy to the U.S. Senate who can't understand or process spoken words.

And in the wake of the mid-term results, we should be ready for the Democrats to feel that they have a mandate (in spite of razor-thin vote margins) to enact more frivolous, moronic and unconstitutional legislation.
Still assault weapons fault. That or lack of equity.
Ban all assault knives! Make everyone get a permit to purchase a knife and go through a background check for any blade over an inch and a half! Where is David Hogg? we need him on this stat!!!

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