AA Battery Conversions for Surefire Lights

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    This is a new product that I have put together for those of you who like the quality of Surefire lights, but dislike the CR123 battery requirements. This conversion kit will transform a Surefire light to burn a much tougher (no filament to burn out or break under impact) 190+ lumen LED bulb with 2 common AA batteries. Yet, it maintains the Surefire Body, Bezel and tail switch. Millenium weapon mounted lights require custom machining witch can be done for additional cost (may void factory warranty).
    Run time is 90 minutes at (aprox) 95-100% brightness using 2 Energizer Lithium batteries.
    Excellent beam throw and bright white light.

    The "3 cell kit" is designed for aluminum bodied handheld lights that normally use 3, CR123 batteries and the P90-91 lamp assembly (Z3, 9P etc.). Kit includes Cree LED and battery sleeve. Price is $90 shipped.

    The "2 cell kit" is for aluminum bodied handheld lights that normally use 2, CR123 batteries and the P60-61 lamp (Z2, 6P etc.). Kit includes Cree LED, body extension, and Battery sleeve. Price is $120 shipped

    Current stock is limited, please contact me for availability and or lead times.

    Picture shows original 65 lumen incandescent bulb on left, and 190 Lumen LED conversion on right. Note the bright center spot with larger diameter flood.

    6P light with "2 cell kit" installed. OAL 6.5"
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    Your the best, I'll be taking my pop bottles in and then I will send you a PM

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