A Very Mean (not really) Christmas Present

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by raindog, Dec 26, 2012.

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    We share custody of my wife's 16yo daughter and when she's at our house, vacuuming is one of her chores.

    So it's Christmas Eve and we're getting ready for the holiday party. 16yo is at her dad's and will arrive the next day. My wife needs to vacuum the house and discovered the vacuum is dead. I've taken it apart and futzed with it at least a dozen times but now the on/off switch is acting very strange and it's not something I can fix.

    Off to Wal-mart at 7:30pm. It's World War III there. I get a vacuum and on the way home have a devious idea...

    After vacuuming we put the vacc back in its box and wrapped it up with 16yo's name on it. Christmas morning comes and we say "Merry Christmas!" She eagerly unwraps the present and finds...a vacuum. "Oh ha ha," she says, thinking it was just a box we reused. She opens it and...yes...inside it really is a new vacuum.

    "It's a lot nicer than the one you were using and I think you'll really like this one," my wife says.

    Her daughter is really nice and polite. "Um...okay...uh, thanks."

    "Well, we do have one more present for you actually..."

    Her crestfallen face brightened considerably when she unwrapped her new netbook.
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    HAHAHA. That was mean, but I like it.
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    That is some real familial love, right there. I'm going to have to keep something like this in mind for the future. :D
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    LOL! Good one!
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    After I turned 16 my mom wrapped up a set of keys for Christmas. When I opened them up I could not believe it and asked where the car was - she said "right outside". After 2-3 minutes of frantic pointing and asking "is it that one?" she told me to look down and then I saw the cheap die-cast car with a bow on it. I did get a CD player that year as well, which I was really happy about.

    The next year she came to me in November and said that Christmas was going to be rough and asked if she could borrow money. I had working and saving for a car and gave her most of my savings ($200). On Christmas I unwrapped another set of keys and and expressed some displeasure - she said look again and on the inside of the wrapping paper was the first clue for a hunt that (after 20 minutes and a mile walk) led me to my first car, a 1976 Ford Gran Torino. They had used the money I gave them as a half payment on the car.
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