Oregon A Very Dangerous Time

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    10.09.18 thug-life-300x211.jpg

    Oregon, like much of the country, is in turmoil.

    The confirmation of a new Supreme Court Justice brought out some of the most vile threats from leftists ever seen on social media but no one was held accountable.

    Violent thugs control the streets of Portland while the Portland Police stand by and do nothing.

    Kate Brown is using taxpayer’s money for her personal projects and her office is mired in corruption scandals.

    It all looks like Germany in the thirties.

    The top two contenders for the office of Governor, as well as the leader of the House Republicans, have all called for more restrictions on your gun rights.

    The Democrats in charge have promised to enact the draconian attacks that were included in ballot measures 43 and 44, which you helped defeat. And of the very few pro-gun Democrats most have been cowed and intimidated into switching sides and working with the gun grabbers.

    At a time when you and your family are most at risk, the power structure funded by leftist billionaires is doing all it can to make sure you are disarmed. It is truly terrifying.

    We know we can never counter their millions. But we need to do everything we can to build as big a war chest as possible. And we are going to need your help.

    And you can actually make a big difference for free.

    Our state is in a very, very dangerous place right now. The question really comes down to how many legislative seats we can keep or pick up.

    While Oregon has long been controlled by anti-gun, anti-rights Democrats, year after year we beat them back, but now we are seeing Republicans join them in efforts to attack your ability to protect your family. I can’t sugar coat this. We have some mighty battles ahead. Expensive battles.

    Imagine waking up one day and finding out you are a felon because a rifle you bought (with police “permission”) has suddenly been banned. Imagine being charged with a crime because you got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and left a pistol on your nightstand. This is not some conspiracy theory fantasy. This is what the anti-gunners have already demanded. And there are plenty of elected officials who are eager to make it happen.

    As you know, we are working overtime to pass a ballot measure to protect your gun rights, but no matter how successful we are, it won’t take effect until after the 2020 elections, and the 2019 Legislature can do a world of damage by then.

    Make no mistake, we WILL have an anti-gun governor. There is no way around that. But we still have a chance to elect good legislators to the House and Senate. And if we don’t? Well I have no good news for you.

    Together we defeated anti-gun measures 43 and 44. I want to thank you for that. It was an amazing victory. But unlike legislative battles, those were all about money and paying lawyers. And as you know, good lawyers are not cheap. We really need every single dime we can raise for the coming battles and to help elect good pro-gun legislators.

    But you can help at no cost. Just take advantage of Oregon’s Political Action Committee tax credit.

    You can actually get a credit for money you donate to our Political Action Committee. That’s not a “deduction” it’s an actual credit.

    If you file as an individual, you can take up to $50.00 off any taxes you owe the state. And you can take up to $100.00 if you file jointly. (Of course, you can give more if you want to.) That means you can help us help you and it could not cost you a dime.

    You know you do not get an endless barrage of messages from us asking you to “chip in” 5 or 10 dollars. But the fact is, the situation in Oregon is the worst it has ever been, and stopping the madness may really be cheaper then going to prison for exercising a God given right.

    Please take a moment to use our candidate ratings to learn where your candidates stand on gun rights.

    If you are not sure who your candidates are, please use this tool to find out.

    And please, please, consider donating as much as you can (and taking advantage of the tax credit) to put the brakes on the train that is running over our freedoms and our ability to keep our families safe from the violent leftists who are taking over the streets of our cities.

    You can use this link to make a donation to OFFPAC and get a tax credit. (Please use the drop down menu that says “Donation Category” to indicate your contribution is for the PAC.). If you prefer to donate using PAY PAL you can use this link. (Please note in the Paypal window that you want your donation to go to the PAC.)

    But most importantly, PLEASE be sure to vote. It has never been more critical that your voice be heard. Thank you.

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    I tend to disagree with this latest OFF release. OFF is still missing the big picture here. One would think they would know by now how this all works. Geees.
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    This country is no where the "turmoil" of the '60s and early '70s.
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    yeah, I am waiting till after 2020, then we might start to see the bombings from the far left if Trump is re-elected
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    If KB is not relected it is no doubt the communist clubs in Portland will be raising he'll .is there any of this stupidity going on in Washington county ?
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    'Sanctuary City' activists to march in Hillsboro

    Had this last year. I recall a stream feed right at the civic center with some 15 odd people talking about it but it didn't get as much traction as the bigger ones in portland. Still tho, the max line runs right next to it.....

    This was another matter.

    All you need do is drive thru beaverton and see all the Refugee Welcome signs and BLM, so yeah its in WashCo.

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