A tiny Fraction of what the NRA really does.

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    NRA-ILA | Big Loss for Big Brother: Federal Appeals Court Rules Against Government on Mass Surveillance

    They Do as their title says.... NATIONAL ISSUES, Not state by state legal.
    They also keep your ranges open, teach your kids and Law Enforcement, Military and
    Even those that teach you the classes for your CHL.s A thousand things, and all anyone can
    do is complain that they did not save them from local legal issues. Well that is not what they do until it reaches a national level such as a supreme court fight.
    Without them you would have no 2nd Amendment to even fight for. It would have been obliterated by the Feds long ago.
    Next time someone speaks badly about them try to remember the Million good things they do and have done, not just the one or two things you may not agree with.


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    Plus they pizz off the progressive liberals too...
    I will still support them because they have been there since there was a fight to infringe on our rights!!!!
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    I never knew how much the NRA does locally until I became the recording secretary at DRRC.
    My money is spread all around in the form of matching grants for range improvements, ammo purchases, training. DRRC was granted (2014) money to buy 15 various handguns for the women's handgun safety class, non members welcome. Class is put on several times throughout the year. The roster fills up in 10 to 15 minutes whenever it opens. Charlie and his wife don't make any profit, They teach it pro bono, only charge for ammo.
    DRRC applied (2015) for more NRA grant money to put a cover over the archery shooting line.
    State director approved, waiting for national. That just DRRC! NRA works everywhere they are wanted.
    Many of the NRA reps work for free, just get their travel n lodging expenses back.
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    Yes, few people that complain have any idea of just what all they really do.
    I am thankful they are there and watched them fight for all of us for over 50 to 60 years. They are why we still have the 2nd still in our Constitution.
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    I had always wondered why some ranges required NRA membership as a condition of range membership, and knowing they do all that to support the NRA affiliate ranges, it makes good sense.

    Plus, didn't they help out DRRC in that legal fight a few years back? I wasn't a member then, but I've heard about it.

    Now if DRRC could just get that shot curtain up...:) I worked as a trap boy out there years ago when my father was a member. I'd like to be able to shoot some trap out there myself now.

    I'm an NRA life member, and proud of it. OFF and SAF too. I have no misgivings about what the NRA does and does not do. And while I wish they could come to each state and face off with Bloomberg, I understand that's not part of their day to day mission.

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