A thought on the 2nd and Flintlocks

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    SO in 1776 when we declared Independence for England. The average Continental solider or Militia man carried either an Identical firearm to the British army or one that was functionally and pretty much equal. They used smooth bores we used smooth bores they had some rifles we had some slightly better rifles.

    In 1791 when the Bill of rights was ratified and became the law of the land. Nothing had really changed. The tiny American Army carried Smooth Bore Flintlocks and a few Flintlock rifles, As did nearly every one else in the country.

    SO when the Bill Of Rights was written and then ratified there was a balance between what the government had as small arms and what the citizenry had as small arms.

    Fast forward to 2015 and the US Military has greatly improved its small arms weapons as compared to 1791 We now have select fire rifles as well as rifles that can take out a person at nearly a mile. Handguns that hold a dozen rounds etc. Not to mention Laws rockets grenades etc. (not getting into the big stuff) And the population has at best a few antique select fire weapons and a bunch of semi auto weapons we have the same ability in long range and the same in handguns as the Military.

    As I see it the intention of the founding fathers that the population at large be as well armed as the Military (at least with regards to small arms) the Military has pulled ahead. SO to those liberal morons that say the second amendment was written to cover flintlocks and that the founding fathers had no idea that one day something like an AR-15 would exist I say YOU ARE CORRECT and those same founding fathers also had no idea that an M4A1 would exist either.

    BUT they did know that the population had to be on a level playing field with the government for the 2nd Amendment to work as it was intended.

    SO yes the 2nd was written for flintlocks when the government had flintlocks But its still working (although getting beat up on terribly) today with the current level of weaponry being carried by the government. The 2nd Amendment is in place to help balance the power of the people with the reach of the government.

    Thats my thoughts for the morning.
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    Piers Morgan is a Limey slug that should go back to his well protected British homeland...

    Liberal dribble, Bloomberg flunky...
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