A study funded by the National Rifle Association

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    A study funded by the National Rifle Association released on Tuesday proposes that armed personnel be stationed in every U.S. school in response to December’s school massacre in Connecticut.
    The proposal by the National School Shield Task Force also includes security accords between schools and law enforcement, an online safety assessment tool for schools, state safety standards and improved federal coordination for school safety.

    Asa Hutchinson, the panel’s director, said having a trained and armed security officer or staff member in each school was a key element of the proposal.
    “Obviously, we believe they will make a difference in the various layers that make up school safety,” Hutchinson, a former congressman, told a news conference held under unusually heavy security.
    “This is not talking about all teachers. Teachers should teach.”
    Security officers and staffers would need 40 to 60 hours of training that would cost $800 to $1,000 each.
    While the NRA funded the 225-page, $1 million study, Hutchinson said his panel was fully independent. The 12-member task force included former Secret Service head Ralph Basham, police and security officers and five representatives from Phoenix RBT Solutions, a law enforcement training firm.
    The NRA said it needed time to study the report and commended Hutchinson for his work. The NRA “is determined to continue to use every asset at its disposal to help make America’s children safe at school,” it said in a statement.
    The report’s recommendations said the NRA could develop and carry out armed personnel training. Given school funding shortfalls, the National School Shield program also could step in with NRA backing to support safety programs.
    The panel also called for adoption of a model state law for armed school staffers and a program to assess threats and support the mental health of students.
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    Again, the assumption that we need to take action for an event that's less likely than lightning striking the same person 3 times on different dates in different locations.

    This is one of my problems with NRA. We have hundreds of thousands of teachers in this country who already have a CCW permit and carry except at school. For that amazingly unlikely event of a school shooting where force is needed, this ought to be sufficient.

    I wish to Hell people would grow up and grasp that nothing is perfectly safe and life is not risk-free. the kids in America's schools are about 10,000 times more likely to be shot on the way to and from school as they are AT school.
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    I let our senators know that I hold supporters of gun free zones responsible for the death of victims of violence in those zones in that they have mandated the victim is to have no options.
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    I agree with your point, but will stop at criticizing the NRA for their one-size-fits-all proposal. The way I see it, allowing staff CC in school's is very unpalatable in many, many places. At least, a peace officer is something they might/should be more open to. There are places where teachers are already allowed to CC. Those will not need LEO on school grounds.

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