A story of Hope

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    So i took my nephew out to break in his brand new ar15 . As most of you know .22 ammo is hard to find at retail prices . Every time I go to bi mart i ask even though I am almost embarrassed to ask because of that you got to be kidding look they give me but I ask if they have any .22 ammo and in the past 2 years only once have they said yes. I did go into Fishermans once when they had 8 bricks for $35 each which was more than i wanted to spend . Hey i remember the days when it went on sale for $7.99 for a 500 rd brick

    Well anyway He told me while he was buying his .223 the lady ASKED "Do you want some .22 to go with that we just got some bricks in today". and he not owning a .22 or knowing anything about the shortage said no thank you.
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