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    Well after some clarification from some members on here I now know what I have vs. what I was told. I never claimed to everything about everything and certainly do not know everything about AK's. What I have was the begining of a project that I have decided not to do. I am told by the size of the chamber end of the barrel that goes into the trunion, that this is a RPK front end is Chinese in .223 I personally have never seen another one like it. Or even a shooting rifle. It has a 21 1/2" barrel. The rear of the barrel that goes into the trunion measures 19.30mm. It has the bird cage type flash hider. The things that are missing is the front sight post, the rear sight assembly, a pin for the rear sight tower, and the wood. I know some people in the gun show circut that go all over the US for gun shows and they had this. I paid $275.00. I would like to get $200.00. FTF anywhere in the central to south puget sound or I can ship on your dime. After I know where it is going and how much it weighs. If you have stuff to trade...make an offer. I am looking for high end AR stuff.

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