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    I finally got a chance to take my new Glock 27. I took my Glock as well as my SA 1911 to ARPC and set up a target at 15 yards to start with. Well, I will say I need alot more practice with the glock. I was all over the place with it as well as it seemed a tad squirrely in my hand due to the small grip. I had 0 issues with it and It should be " good enough " to use as a carry gun. Meaning I could hit a baddie in the chest every time at 15 yards.
    Now.. my 1911. I have to say, this gun makes me look like a expert marksman. Its the only handgun I ever could tear out the center of a bullseye at any range and honestly I am a terrible shot. Most shots were within a inch or 2 of center at both 15 and 20 yards. This may not be saying alot to some of you guys but for me this was like hitting the apple off a guys head. I will just say I am quite pleased and its made my decision to sell off my HKs alot easier.

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