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    I'm relatively new to the gun world. I've shot guns ever since I was a kid. My dad has always carried a gun on his person and I did my country almost 20 years ago now (sheesh times go by fast).

    But I've never been an enthusiast. I'd never personally owned more than a marlin 60 until recently. Most of my circle of friends and my sphere of influence were people pretty much in the same category. And as a result the topic of guns and all things gun related has been coming up more and more lately. I even found out that a very good friend of mine, a VERY good friend of mine, turned out to be extremely ANTI gun and wants to argue with me about almost constantly.

    So I went looking for cold hard evidence, not just my own philosophy. I've found a couple resources that I just wanted to share with anyone else who might also be looking. This is not going to be ground breaking information for those of you that are seasoned pros, but those of us in our budding years, those that maybe just got your Concealed Carry License or are thinking of getting your concealed carry license, or are considering having a gun in the house for the first time... . those people may find this a good collection of information to read up on.

    1.) I have found the Gun Owners of America website to be a great source of information on most Gun Related topics.

    GunOwners.org > Resources > Just for Skeptics.

    To many of you this is an obvious "duh" moment, but it took me awhile to find my way to this site.

    From The Hidden Costs of Gun Control
    From The Media's Intentional Bias Against Guns
    Another of my daily reads is the website The Truth About Guns.

    Specifically the article Blood Dancing (and Lies) at PolicyMic.com. It's a lengthy article, but if you ever want to know the facts about Defensive Gun Uses vs Criminal Gun Uses and which has more, then it's all laid out in this article. Including links to the sources, and sources that are NOT pro gun people.

    I tried to post this article to this forum once before and someone commented that they're virus protection program blocked them from going to it. I have no answer for that. The Truth About Guns has been around for a long, long time. I visit it daily and have never had any problems.

    3.) Lastly... and I almost don't want to post these ones... but as The Dude says, "ah, F%@# it"...

    NutnFancy YouTube Product reviewer has put out what he calls Foundation Video's or Philosophical Videos on some Gun Related Topics.

    I concede that the guy can get a little annoying if you watch long enough. And I agree that he can take a 3 minute topic and make a 45 minute video out of it, but I have to say that he is very thorough in his reviews, he seems to be very knowledgeable, and his talking points are specific and generally meet the interest of the everyday man. I enjoy his videos. When I'm in the market for a gun at some point in time I look to see if he's reviewed it. And I usually get value out of it.

    Don't get me wrong. I don't agree with everything the man says, and I'm not saying his word is gospel, but his videos are well done, and they do address some good points. I agree that he goes on forever on a lot of topics, but I still feel they are very good videos.

    The video's I'm referring to in this post specifically are:

    The MinuteMan Prerogative: Discusses the history of The Second Amendment, The Declaration of Independence, the ownership of military grade firearms by civilians, and your (our) role in it all. This one should be at the top of the list. In fact, I'm going to move it to the top of the list.

    Close to Engage: Discusses the use of good judgment, maturity, and your own "unlock codes" (correct situational assessment and weighing of alternatives) before deciding to use lethal force and intervening in situations.

    Gun Free, Death Pay: Discusses the lie of the supposed Gun Free Zones.

    The Concealed Carry Protocol : The carriage of a gun for self-protection or the protection of others is a serious decision. There are many psychological, legal, civil, and logistical ramifications of your decision. This video encourages their consideration. If a responsible civilian makes this decision there a certain "rules of the road" that should be followed in order to best prevent the use of lethal force and represent the CCW/CCP community responsibly.

    Obligation of Carry: Deciding to be an armed, licensed civilian is serious business. Mature, sound judgment and preparation in every facet of this decision must be exercised. And doing so is not cheap, its not convenient, it requires a perishable skill set, and its complicated by many legalities. Also expect you, the armed civilian, to be completely misrepresented by the media, lambasted and characterized as a fringe, paranoid, and borderline un-safe person. Hogwash. But that flak you'll get does not change the realities of you choosing to be legally armed.

    Gun Safety: Kinda self explanatory.


    These are some of the resources that I have found. Please feel free to add any links to other good information that you feel Gun Owners should be aware of.


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