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    I got down to Shedd today to test out some underwood 10mm as well as my new Sig P226 MK 25. Well, with the mid 90s temps, i didint stay long but I did put 6 mags through the Sig and 2 through my Glock 20.
    The Underwood 180g 10mm was all it was supposed to be. I could tell right away it was alot hotter then the PP i was shooting before. After two mags my right hand had that nice, tingly feeling like after you shoot a big magnum.

    Now on to the sig. The Sig felt very good in my hand and it seems my hands are on the small side. I shot it very well, with a nice solid grouping and only a few flyers. I fed it 115gr Whinchester fmj and it cycled every round. the only hickups I had were that it failed to lock back after the last round on the first two mags but did so after that.

    Honestly I am very pleased with both the Underwood ammo but mostly the Sig. Now im going to start looking for a P229 to go with my 226 :bluelaugh:
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