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A question about a suppressor and a SBS

Discussion in 'NFA Weapon Discussion' started by RedneckRampage, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. RedneckRampage

    RedneckRampage Newberg Well-Known Member

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    First, I'm kinda wanting a suppressor. It would be used on a G19 and G17, so obviously 9mm. What's a good "first" one? I'd like the shortest (length) one possible. What's is a fair price?

    Second, is there much sense in making an SBS, like a 14" one? I have an 18" 870P. I don't know how much of an advatage I'd have for HD/zombies, by cutting 4" off.
  2. spider

    spider Hillsboro Well-Known Member

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    I've been looking into getting a Degroat Tactical Nano suppressor, its pretty much the shortest 9mm suppressor around, works good, youtube videos make it seem hearing safe.

    Also i've shot a 14" barrel shotgun and its really difficult for me to get the spread right on say a 00 buckshot at 25 yards, the spread is just wickedly wide, maybe if you had a custom vang comp barrel it'll be tighter. But yeah i'd suggest a AOW shotgun, unless you want the bragging rights.
  3. FarmerTed1971

    FarmerTed1971 Portland, Oregon, United States Well-Known Member

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  4. FMJ 911

    FMJ 911 Snohomish, Washington Active Member

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    What is the best silencer for a Kimber Custom II?
  5. Abiqua

    Abiqua Oregon Active Member

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    IMO, two best options are the SilencerCo Osprey and the Advanced Armament Ti-Rant. The run neck and neck in sound tests and both companies are well respected. Both units have interchangeable pistons that allow you to run on different thread pitches. I went with the 45 Osprey for my .45 USP and also run it on my 9mm with a .5x28 piston with very good results.
    Both units are hearing safe dry and are amazing when run wet.