A purchase this week can win you a new KelTec Sub2000

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    All in-stock purchases from Columbus Day through Saturday 10/14/17 will be entered to win a new Gen2 KelTec Sub2000. The winner will select the caliber (9mm or .40 S&W) and magazine brand (Glock, S&W, or Beretta) to have a new favorite firearm join their arsenal.

    Items that will get you those entries are as follows and reflect a 3% cash discount in the price. Visa, MC, American Express and Discover are all welcome as forms of payment, but will not receive the cash discount as shown.

    Canik TP9SFX - New. 20+1 rounds of 9mm? Yes please! Handgun of the year... what more is there to say? 5.2" match grade barrel, grey cerakote, picatinny rail, tactical sights (both green and red are included), four plates for optic mounting on slide, holster & paddle, 2 magazines, plus more and under 2#. Lifetime warranty. $465

    Walther PK380 - New. 8-round magazine, three dot sights, angel blue finish, tenifer coated slide and barrel, manual safety, accessory rail, takedown lever, double/single action trigger. $375

    Kimber Ultra Carry II - Used. Night sights, comfortable rubber grips, a second magazine, and a crisp trigger. Shows some wear, was doing its job well as a carry gun, it will server its next owner just as well. $600

    Kimber K6S - New. The finest model you will come across, this came straight from the factory with the tightest tolerances and feels like a dream. Own the lightest production 6-shot .357 magnum and carry it in comfort. $750

    Heritage Rough Rider .22 LR & .22 WMR Revolver - New. 6.5" barrel, 6-shot cylinders. A great first gun or first single action wheel gun. $175

    * SOLD * KelTec Sub2000 Gen2 Glock 17 model 9mm. The perfect companion to any model 17 or 34 Glock pistol, enough barrel to hit like a .357 and accurate enough even with the factory iron sights at 100 yards. $450

    * SOLD* KelTec Sub2000 Gen2 Glock 19 9mm. What is more fun than a rifle that shares magazines with two pistols? one that can share with three! This folding carbine will run the 10 and 15 round G19 mags as well due to a shorter grip and the 17 and 33 magazines as well as 50 round drums. This is a popular choice for those that carry a glock as it could even take the G26 mags with some additional trimming of the grip. $450

    *I have new 33-round magazines available ($20 each) to make the shooting last longer.

    Chiappa Little Badger .17hmr - New. Break action 16.5" threaded barrel (1/2x28), Picatinny quad rails foldable wire frame stock holds 6 rounds, Fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear sight. A great truck gun that folds up and stows away in it backpack. $185

    Chiappa Little Badger .22lr - New. Break action 16.5" threaded barrel (1/2x28), Picatinny quad rails foldable wire frame stock holds 6 rounds, Fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear sight. A great truck gun that folds up and stows away in it backpack. $175

    KelTec RFB .308 Bullpup - New. 18" chrome lined barrel, fully ambidextrous, comes with one 20-round magazine, 1:11.25 twist, black matte stock, sling. $1300

    Savage 10 FCP-SR .308 Win - Used. 24" threaded, Acu-trigger, black matte stock, bipod, detachable magazine. 1:10 twist. Great condition, only very slight wear on the stock. $450 (The Nightforce scope and rings are not included at this price, they may come up for sale at a later time. If interested please send me a PM.)

    Ruger 10/22 Target model - Used. Very good condition, trade from a well known forum member, this is a tack driver with lots of eyeball in the 6-18x40 scope with screw in lens caps. $425

    * SOLD * Microtech 120-1TCC Tactical Contoured Ultratech Bayonet OTF Auto Knife OTF Auto Knife Black - New. Sold out everywhere, this is a beautiful 3.375" black elmax spear point blade in a smooth 6061-T6 aluminum handle is utterly reliable. This is not legal in Washington. $275

    Bullseye Sight-In Edition 300 Yard Target Camera $300
    Bullseye 1-mile Target Camera $600
    Cameras have up to 12 hours of battery life. Works with Apple, Android, and Windows phones, tablets, and laptops with downloadable app. Nothing better to see through the weather at your target regardless if it is rain, fog, or a heat mirage the target will be on your screen and tracking your hits.
    (Product site for more information: https://bullseyecamera.com/)

    The All American Sun Oven Kit, everything you need to cook even a 20# turkey any day of the year as long as you can see a shadow cast on the ground. Also purify water, dry herbs, bake bread and cookies. Easy to pack up like a suitcase and designed to last for 20+ years. $330
    (See photos and more details at WTS OR - NIB All American Sun Oven $350 with ALL Accessories)

    I may have a few more items to add early in the week, looking forward to making the call next Monday 10/16 to let the winner know they can look forward to a beautiful drive out to Banks and pick up their free firearm. Good luck to all!
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