A new plague - Now Mississippi

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by U201491, Jan 13, 2014.

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    What a pointless law - essentially it puts an undue burden on ammo sellers in Mississippi. This would require all ammo sold in MS to have serial numbers on each cartridge and for sellers to record who purchased ammo bearing what Serial numbers. This is absolutely insane - no clarification if the SN would be applied to the actual bullet, brass, or even primer. Where would ammo sales businesses in MS buy ammo with SNs applied? I'm going to say it would not pass, and if it did the courts would strike it down as being overly vague. I didn't see any exemption for LE so if it passed and I was going on a crime spree I'm thinking I would go to the local police range and scrounge a bunch of their brass to reload - guess what - your new #1 suspect is the entire police department if I leave the brass at the scene.
    Guess MS has equality in their legislature - they have a mentally challenged individual in office who is writing legislation that a Jr. High student could pick apart.
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    They tried it in Calif. and it didn't pass (not sure if it even got to a vote), doubt it will do any better in Mississippi.

    There is always some anti-gunner trying to get something like this through. If nothing else, when it fails, they can rant about the pro-gun lobby.

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