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    Greetings NWF,

    I'm a gun owner living in Portland. I strongly value and appreciate guns ownership on the political level to (hopefully) help preserve liberty and freedom. I believe from my studies of history that sooner or later all governments will go overbearingly oppressive and/or all societies and civilizations fall. I am active in the pro 2A RKBA movment and am currently a supporting member of three pro 2A organizations to include OFF based in Oregon. One of the largest pro gun blogs has asked me to write articles for them which I may or not do.

    The next guns on my wish list are a bolt-action in 22LR, possibly a 12 gauge combination two-barrel; one for home defense and the second a field barrel, a .223 bolt-action, and a CZ pistol in 9mm.

    I have never (yet) gone hunting and maybe someday I'll experience it. Career wise, I'm a Life Coach specializing in Career Coaching and I might also begin doing Geriatric Caretaker work.
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    Welcome aboard

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