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    Bottom line if you don't mind could you download a legal paper.

    This is all about gaming the system.

    File name: SSRN-id2584034. ; Size: 284K

    The paper is interesting and I have posted about it before - how many laws did you break today? No way to know, but you may have even committed a felony.

    Anyways, He is about 50 downloads behind some Harvard dude, and it would be nice, funny, to get an independent ahead of the Ivy League.

    There is a "Download This Paper" button at the link above, near the top of the page.

    I won't hold it against you if you can't or if you choose not to.

    Thank you,


    Diana is a professional hunter and trapper who sells pelts,
    feathers, and other parts of animals from the animals she captures
    to supplement her income.1 Recently, Diana trapped and killed a
    red-tailed hawk. The red-tailed hawk is protected under the
    Migratory Bird Act, and Diana knows that both the killing and the
    selling of red-tailed hawks violate federal law. Accordingly, due to its
    absence from the legitimate market, Diana knows she could sell the
    bird for a significant amount of money. Through a mutual friend,
    Diana learns of a taxidermy collector who wants a red-tailed hawk to
    display. She decides to meet with the collector and offers to sell the
    bird to him. Much to Diana’s chagrin, however, the collector turns
    out to be an undercover agent for the United States Fish and
    Wildlife Service. He promptly arrests her, and the local United
    States Attorney ultimately charges Diana with selling migratory
    birds or bird parts in violation of 16 U.S.C. §§ 703 and 707(a).

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