A list of companies refusing to do business in Anti-Gun City and State Gov!

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    Remember to support these companies they are putting the asses on the line for the 2nd and us!

    I got the list here add and edit as needed

    Gun Companies Boycott Anti Gun States over 700% in 1 Week, Firearms and ammunition to law enforcement agencies, Second Amendment protects citizens | Obama Birthplace Controversy

    Olympic Arms, Inc
    La Rue Tactical
    EFI, LLC – Extreme Firepower
    York Arms
    Templar Custom
    Cheaper Than Dirt
    Barrett Firearms Manufacturing

    Bullwater Enterprises 2-16-13
    West Fork Armory 2-16-13
    Smith Enterprise 2-17-13
    Alex Arms 2-17-13
    Spike's Tactical 2-18-13
    Quality Arms Idaho 2-19-13
    Liberty Suppressors 2-19-13
    Doublestar Corp 2-19-13 (Includes J&T Distributing & Ace LTD)
    American Spirit Arms 2-19-13 (complete with a video!)
    Trident Armory 2-17-13 (reported to me 2-20-13)
    Head Down Products 2-20-13
    J&G Sales 2-20-13
    Exile Machine 2-20-13
    Tier One Arms 2-15-13 (reported to me 2-20-13)
    Bravo Company USA 2-20-13
    Primary Weapons Systems 2-21-13 (read my blog post on PWS)
    Crusader Weaponry 2-20-13
    Top Gun Supply 2-21-13
    Kiss Tactical 2-21-13
    Clark Fork Tactical 2-21-13
    OFA Tactical 2-17-13 (reported to me 2-21-13)
    One Source Tactical 2-21-13 (Scroll down to shipping restrictions)
    Templar Tactical Arms 2-12-13 (reported 2-21-13)
    NEMO Arms 2-21-13 (check out their photo!)
    Old Grouch's Military Surplus 1-15-13 (NOT a typo!)
    Big Horn Armory 2-22-13
    Midway USA 2-22-13
    CMMG Inc 2-22-13
    Rocky Top Tactical 2-22-13
    Badger Peak 2-22-13
    Controlled Chaos Arms 2-22-13
    SRT Arms 2-22-13
    Norton Firearms 2-22-13
    Umlaut Industries 2-22-13
    Predator Intelligence 2-2-13 (Read comments)
    Citizen Arms 2-23-13 (At the bottom of the page)
    Evolution Weaponry 2-17-13
    Chaos Arms 2-23-13
    Warbirds Custom Guns 2-23-13 (Scroll to the bottom)
    JBTAC 2-23-13
    Stoner Arms 2-22-13
    Ammoclip (Date of policy unknown)
    3 Rivers Precision 2-22-13
    2A Firearms 2-22-13
    Lanco Tactical 2-22-13
    Predator Tactical 2-23-13
    Umlaut Industries LLC 2-23-13
    Rhino Arms LLC 2-23-13
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    I wish they would all tell the feds to go f themselves and until they rescind all the B.S. bills already in affect aginst teh american citizens they on their own.

    I wander how long it would take for ole butthead to declare M law and for the country to be in a civil war
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    start sending e-mails to the big box companies and tell them that. asking them who do they think will buy more ammo and guns from them the le/dhs or the American people
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    what about sending letters like this to companies that we do business with.

    to whom it may concern:
    (1) Is your company a 2nd Admemment supporter?

    If you are, (2)are you putting profits ahed of the rights of the American public by selling gun/ammo to the cities, counties, and state law enforcement who have taken the right to bare arms away from the general public but still selling guns/ammo to the law enforcement to these agencies (police loophole)?

    A long drawn out explanation is not needed just a simple YES or No for question 1 and question 2
    This way I will know where to send my business when purchasing guns & ammo
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