When I look at laws and their execution I think to myself ' What can I do to keep myself out of jail?" . Thats it. I dont worry about bigger pictures or questions of constitutionality or anything else. What concerns me is what can I do that will allow me to do what I want to do and stay witihn the confines of the law as it stands now because for me its not academic. I do all this stuff. I'm out there at ranges and in public pushing the limits of the law. I get the feeling that a lot of 2nd amendment absolutists never leave their basement and are very vocal in their opinions but not their practice.
I am both complying with the law and bristle at unconstitutional laws. I do worry about big picture issues. It would be a long and very political post were I to post why, but some national politics have at times in my life hit so close to home as to be terrifying. I make vague allusions to it and don't want that part of my life out on the open web. But this stuff can come home to roost even if you do not break any laws. I have had a number of people in my past friend group incarcerated for literal years on charges they were exonerated for, where no crime was committed. One of them damn near a decade. I knew these people.

I take people out and let them shoot my machine gun, among other things. (federally registered STEN) I am vocal. However, I also think defense has been the enemy of the 2a community. I think we have lurked in the shadows.

I have my Oregon CCW. I am awaiting my Utah renewal, but I bristle at the trampling of liberty. I have looked at its cost. I don't break the laws, but I don't pretend they are not unconstitutional BS either.

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