I had a good day today.
Spent about 4 hours out at the range with a friend of mine.
Weapons shot:
Ruger New Model Black Hawk - 9mm. This thing shoots sweet! Very enjoyable.

Heritage Rough Rider - 22cal. Fun little plinker. Sight picture is a little difficult for me due to the sights, it's just a black blade in front and a groove in the frame in back... Course, it could also be that my eyes suck! :eek:

Taurus PT 99 AF - 9mm. This thing shot very well with both factory and reloads. I was pleasantly surprised!

Taurus 709 Slim - 9mm - my friend's. This thing is so small I have a terrible time trying to hit the target! Don't think I will be buying one.

S&W pistol - 9mm - my friend's. Honestly don't know which model it was. For some reason I did not even pay attention to it. Shot nicely though with factory ammo. Did not try my reloads in it.

Weather was great, practically had the place to ourselves and did not have to hurry home cause the kids were in school! Finished off the day cleaning my weapons and my wife made, what I call, Italian chicken nuggets from scratch. Yummy!
Hope everyone else had a great day too!

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