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    Colt Officers Model Special 38 Cal....MFG 1947-1952

    This old Colt is NICE...Pure and simple...
    Cylinder pin is Un-shrouded,The factory plastic grips are perfect...
    Minor holster wear at the tip of the barrel....
    This is the target Mdl,It has Adj sights,Semi heavy barrel...
    Action is crisp and Smooth as a Colt should be,Trigger pull is awesome....
    Cash or Trade will work on this Colt...

    45 LC NIB 4.74 '' barrel...Made by Cimarron...
    Custom,Special edition ...
    Hand honed action,Hand fitted custom Elk horn grips...

    Browning A-Bolt I 338 This is in nice shape....
    Gloss bluing ,Scrolling in the receiver....
    Hand Made Ultra hard composite stock...Stock cost to have it built was five hundred...
    Leupold rings and base...
    $700 Offer or Trade..This price does not include a scope,I do have a match for it.....Gloss Bluing is the same color,It is a Burris signature 4-16X44

    Colt MK IV/Series 70 45 ACP....Factory Hard Chrome finish.. MFG 1972

    1866 Yellowboy lever-action rifle Deluxe Model Un-Fired with box.
    Rifle .38 Spl 24'' Barrel. Brass Frame and Buttplate, Case-Hardened Lever.....

    Colt ACE....The blued 1911 in a 22...This particular one is a Argentine DGFM Model 1927 .22 trainer Colt 1911 issued to the Argentine Military.
    This in mint condition and all #'s are a match.

    SPRINGFIELD 1903 03 CUSTOM sporterized Lymen Peep sights This Old 30.06 is ready to produce for you.....

    This link should get you to some pictures...

    Contact me by phone or E-Mail 503-341-8226
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    How much do you want for the MarkIV?
  3. SDR

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    I'm into it for a grand in trade,In our current economy condition I doubt that will happen. The little research I did on it shows that the hard chrome is desired but it was stopped because the cost was too high. The hard chrome has the weight of a blued 1911 and the durability of a stainless. If I received seven I would let it go.

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