a fast makeover of my Mak90 for a step by step refinish tutorial

Well, yesterday i wanted something to do in the sunshine.
I remembered a buddy wanted me to try and put together a step by step of a rifle makeover for waguns, so here it is - i am also sharing it over here at NWF so i can have another post outside of the classifieds lol!
this will also help alot of people that have a rifle that needs a facelift to show them its not really that difficult to refinish a rifle, just takes a little bit of time and around $30-40 max.

My MAK90 looked like serious crapola (even though it was a FREE rifle from my Brother), so i chose it for my demonstration here since these gun websites i frequent are mostly assault rifle junkies unlike me the Bolt action junkie (NO this rifle in NOT for sale).

Here we go, Start with a rifle or pistol grips that really look like crap. SERIOUSLY, only beater firearms and well loved Hunting rifles usually need this treatment. NOT COLLECTOR GRADE RIFLES!

Take a photo of your beat up rifle or pistol sporting the crappy wood.

Now take the firearm apart, take ALL the metal away from the wood because the stripper will eat at most finishes besides parkerizing.

Lay out cardboard, i save nearly every large cereal box, Eggo box or whatnot just for these projects.

Lay out your wood on the cardboard.
Get a tooth brush, new, used but above all a toss away one, you wont use it ever again except for anohter makeover, NITRILE GLOVES ONLY, get some, i couldnt afford them today so i suffered and have a burned finger now. The acids in the Kleen strip are nasty and eat latex gloves..

Spray the parts liberally

Come back to them 15 minutes later and spray on some more, now put your gloves on.
Grab the tooth brush and work the parts over, spraying little by little as the goo dries up a bit.
this is the nastiest crap ever, but its bad *** on getting the job done fast!


Save your coffee lids, they are your friends when doing this type of stuff, now they are scrapers. No need in buying plastic putty knives unless you wish to be cool and only use the cool stuff.

my toothbrush i found in my tool box with the wrong type of gloves for the stripper, great for the finish spray though!

Brushing in the goo and releasing all the prior finish on the wood

ok, now that you have all the finish stripped, heres where you RUN these parts past your wife before she see's what the **** you are doing. Fill the tub with hot-warm water, dont forget to grab the dish soap on the way through the kitchen from the garage or patio.
throw the parts in the tub.

now, run back out and grab the tooth brush and the dish soap you forgot to grab on the way through the kitchen like i said to do.

coat the parts liberally with soap and throw them back in the water.

Scrub them well with the brush removing all the goo and rinse with HOT water (this raises minute little dings in the wood) it also opens the pores of the wood.

Rinse them well and let them completely dry.

Now while the wood is drying, lay out some clean cardboard, get your gloves on again, grab a wad of paper towels, fold two layer pieces into a makeshift brush and dip it in the stain. Apply the stain liberally and wipe it off FAST with the rest of the paper towels. the longer the stain is on the wood the darker it will get.


here, i wiped the wood down really well and let it sit awhile. Usually 8 hours or more.
Today i chose to sand mine wet, i wanted the stain in the pores and grain and the sanded wood filled the grain well in doing so, but its a pain in the *** and i have blisters from doing it this way. BUt it worked well!

OK, i made a rack to hang the parts on, and sprayed a little bit of finish on the parts for a tack coat and let it sit 15 minutes.

Sprayed more coats every 20-30 minutes, the stuff i sprayed today dries to the touch in 30 minutes.

notice the runs? dont stress over them, usually just finish with your steps on extra coats every 30 minutes until you reach 5 coats.
You can wet sand the high areas after 3 days and spray on a single thin coat to finish spray to finish off the job if you are using oil base sprays. I used waterbase today, so i just let it be and it all leveled out for the most part, besides i am not worried too much about a couple runs with this spray, it flattened out well enough and this is just a fast makeover to complete this post foor you guys wanting to refinish your firearms yourself in the future

OH YEAH! make sure to choose a spray that has the blue spray buttons, not the type like the crappy red one i used today, the blue ones lay down a beautiful layer and its directional, meaning you can turn the nozzle to spray vertical or horizontal. i like the blue ones best.

the old fashioned one on the left sucks!

ok, this was completed in only ONE day, from ghetto mismatched pile of crap to hey --- thats a nice looking MAK90!
Enjoy! Have fun giving your firearms a facelift if they need it!
I only use WET/DRY sandpaper period! rinse it off and use it again!
220 grit, 320 and 600.

I started this rifle at 1:00PM, finished and back together ready to waste a crapload of ammo at 9:45PM Peace!

thanks for reading my stupid topic.
















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That looks really nice. I did this once on an old Romanian 22 rifle for my ex-wife. It took me way longer than a day and I hated every minute of it. I had a **** of a time removing the old finish on that crappy rifle.


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