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    I recently came across a story in a National Geographic about a company that makes 9mm "gas alarm" pistols. They are esentialy a front firing "blank gun" that uses special ammo containing CS gas and other less than lethal deterents. Upon further research i found that front firing blank guns used to be illegal in the United States but are now being sold due to a change in the law. I have been searching for pepper gas ammunition but cant find it sold anywhere in the United States. ive heard it used to be sold abundantly in the US but gradually disapeared. Any help on locating this product would be greatly appreciated, comments and opinions are welcomed as well. Thanks.


    This is the one that i have decided on getting (video is not in english due to less popularity of this product in the united states)
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    Do you mean like the Kimber JPX OC pistol?

    Kimber > Less-Lethal

    I noticed Kimber have them marked down from $380 to $114 so I figure they must be discontinued.

    There are a bunch of YouTube videos showing live tests. None of them is very reassuring. I recently watched a friend of mine in police academy get OC'ed, resist a weapon takedown, strike another officer with his baton four times, cuff a suspect then run 100 feet to the medic station to get the OC washed off. Sure it hurts (he said he would rather be tased any day), but it didn't really stop him. The only scenario it might work for is using the OC then running away quickly. :)

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