9mm for 38 special or 22 LR Gold for Gold

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    I have plenty of 9mm but no 38 special..

    What I have.. Federal 9mm 115 grain 100 round packs.
    Winchester 9mm 115 grain 100 round packs
    UMC 115 grain round value pack 250 rounds
    Blazer Brass 115 grain 50 round box

    I would like to trade for 38 special mainly or 22 long rifle.

    Please no Wal Mart business mogul types.. I never overpay for ammo.. I just wait.. stock up when I can.

    I can tell you what I paid for each box and to be honest it was all Wal Mart prices.. So those are the prices I am going on for your ammo too.

    I'm not out of 22 ammo so no silly insults..

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