9mm Carbine Rifle- TNW Aero Survival Rifle, Glock Clips, Mag Pul Accessories

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    I have this 9mm Carbine Rifle for sale. It is Aero Survival Rifle, made by TNW Firearms. It takes clock clips, and the barrel comes off so that you can carry it is just about any size bag. It includes the following:

    1. 9mm Carbine Rifle
    2. 2 Glock Clips (33 round, and 15 round)
    3. Mag Pul Grip and Rear Telescoping Stock
    4. Front Forehand Handle with Spot Light
    5. 4 Power Fixed Scope with High Mounts
    6. Extra Barrel for future SBR if desired

    Note this rifle can be conformed from 9mm to 40 S&W with a barrel switch and magazine switch.

    I am asking $650 for everything, I have close to a $1000 in the rifle and accessories. Please call me if interested at 503-933-6974 or message me on here. Thank you.

    TNW Aero Survival Rifle (800x600) - Copy.jpg
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    Have you sold this rifle, I would be interested in a preview. text at 50399801nineseven

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