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9mm Calico Pistol w/ 50 & 100 round mags *Sold*

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Hate to do it, but here it goes :(

Looking to sell my 9mm Calico M950 pistol with (1) 50 round drum and (1) 100 round drum. The pistol is in excellent condition inside and out and has never given me a single issue; a very reliable, accurate and high capacity pistol. I'm the third owner. It had 30 rounds through it between the 2 previous owners and I've put approximately 350 flawless rounds through it...including a box of Winchester Rangers. This thing ate and ejected everything like a Glock ;) I'm asking for $650 $600. You don't see these everyday, and I know I'm going to have some serious "seller's remorse", but I am helpless to my current addiction...vintage S&W revolvers.

Thanks for looking,

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Will only sell to upstanding U.S citizens who's pants aren't baggier than mine.
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