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9mm ammo $15

Discussion in 'Ammunition Classifieds' started by dragonsden73, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. dragonsden73

    dragonsden73 Salem, Oregun Active Member

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    A friend and his brother in law got some Blazer brass, I was asked to help sell it off. He wants $15 a box, which I don't think is TOO bad considering. Myself and another member have 6 boxes spoken for, so there is somewhere around 10 or 12 boxes left. I'm headed back over to his place this morning to get the rest and will only hold until next Friday or so, I will return any left back to him at that time.

    Box says it's 115 grain full metal jacket.

    Oh...gas prices suck and my MPG is suckier, so I won't travel to Portland to drop it off. Would like to keep as close to Salem as possible. Thanks!

    EDIT: Just picked it up, 16 boxes total available.

  2. redmistnmysight

    redmistnmysight ..... Member

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    hey how are things? i could go for 4 boxes of ammo on the 5th when i get paid, could you hang on to them for me? doh. this was supposed to be a PM
  3. browntown

    browntown Salem, Oregon, United States Active Member

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    I'll be in Salem today and will take some. Any kind of bulk deal, say 8 boxes for about $100? You can email me at jhbrown9(at)gmail.com and I'll get it on my blackberry when I'm out and about.
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