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9mm, 9x18 makarov and .380 ammo

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by bigtj1, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. bigtj1

    bigtj1 Salem New Member

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    I have a FEG PA-63 that I just recently puchased and it is chambered in 9x18 makarov ammo. My question is to see if anyone out there has tried firing anything other than 9x18 through a 9x18 gun with any kind of success? I've heard that regular 9mm or .380 are possibly compatible so I though I would check here before I try and lose some fingers/toes/whatever... figuring it out for myself.
  2. UncalledForGabe

    UncalledForGabe Aloha Or. Member

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    The bullet of a 9x18 is ten thousandths of an inch bigger than 9mm or .380.
  3. Spad

    Spad Kennewick,WA, the desert side Active Member

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    Stick with 9mm Mak ammo. Some Makarov pistols have been converted to .380, that is a barrel conversion. There is a Makarov Forum, lot of info there. Spad
  4. raftman

    raftman Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    Don't do it, either 9mm Luger or .380 would be a really bad idea. If it's a 9x18 pistol, shoot 9x18 ammo. Regular 9mm ammo (9x19) is a higher pressure round. The 9x18 round is pretty much the meanest round a pistol like that can withstand. There's a youtube video of some idiot firing off a single 9x19 from his Pa-63. The slide didn't go all the way into battery but the pistol did fire and survive, but almost certainly won't if the stunt is repeated too many times.

    As for .380... given that it's a slightly smaller bullet, you're gonna lose accuracy and probably rapidly increase wear on the barrel. Besides .380 is weaker and more expensive than 9x18 anyways.
  5. Trlsmn

    Trlsmn In Utero (Portland) Well-Known Member

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    The gun is made for that caliber and only that caliber, why not shoot that caliber? Is it the money? How much are your fingers worth?

    To answer the question though, no other caliber is compatible.
  6. doobee8

    doobee8 Salem, OR Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    I have fired .380 through the pa-63, Russian makarov, and a Feg SMC 9x18mm. I have seen several articles in gun magazines where they staggered the rounds and they cycle fine in all guns I have tried. I wouldn't do it anymore than I have to. The 9x18mm is a fine cartridge buy it in bulk and just use that. Know that if you have to, you can.
  7. spengo

    spengo GLORIOUS CASCADIA Active Member

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    9mm luger in 9mm mak = enjoy your kaboom

    .380 in 9mm mak = get a new barrel and you're good to go, slide and magazines are the same.