9mm 500 rds. SD; 1050 rds. FMJ (for LCP?)

Discussion in 'Ammunition Classifieds' started by CHLChris, Nov 7, 2010.

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    I just sold my last of two 9mm handguns. I have moved to .45acp.

    I am selling out of my safe every 9mm round I've hoarded (I mean bought) over the last 18 months. All of this ammo is no older than 2009.

    FMJ/ball ammo:

    3 boxes Blazer Brass 124gr (150 rounds) $12/box
    7 boxes Blazer 115gr (350 rounds) $10/box
    5 boxes Remington UMC 115gr (250 rounds) $10/box
    3 boxes Winchester WB 115 gr "Target" (300 rounds) $25/box

    $200 for the whole lot of FMJ


    Self-Defense ammo:

    1 box Federal 95gr JSP (50 rounds) $15/box
    10 boxes (25 rds.) Hornady "Critical Defense" 115gr FTX (250 rounds)
    6 boxes (25 rds.) Remington Golden Saber 124gr+p JHP (150 rounds)
    50 loose rounds of Golden Saber $20 for all (no box)
    (These are the rounds that were in my 9mm magazines when I sold the pistols...and tossed the boxes)

    $250 for the whole lot of SD


    $425 to take my entire pile of 9mm ammo!!

    I am willing to accept some trades. I really want cash, so the trade better be good.

    .45acp ammo, NIB, name brand
    Ruger LCP
    KelTec P3AT
    Bersa Thunder .380

    Face to face in Oregon or Southwest Washington. (If trading a firearm, you must be from Oregon.)
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    pm sent.
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