99 Jeep Grand Cherokee Good Condidtion - $4300

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    Iv got a 99 Grand Cherokee with a little over 165,300 miles on it... Its a strong running SUV.. its my daily driver and also hauls my quads on a 12 ft trailer... Im only selling cause id like to get a bigger SUV (growing family) and also a bigger trailer... Its got a few nicks and dings in it and but noting major... as you can tell from the pix, one rust spot on the hood no bigger around then a pencil, it was there when i bought it.. I put some clear coat stuff on it to prevent it from getting bigger... seemed to have worked.... the interior is Black leather tan ceilings... the interior is almost perfect accept for a small tare in the drivers side door handle... maybe an inch long... but it doesnt look bad... also the door lock actuator (what allows the doors to lock) is stripped out on the drivers door and also the rear door on the drivers side... (40 bucks to get new ones from a junk yard.. I just never have time to get some and put em in... Im planning on trying to get to it soon tho) i havent had any major issues with this Jeep since i got it almost 4 years ago expect for the radiator went out which I replaced.. if you want any more info or wish to see it please feel free to call/txt me 541-971-9222... I do still owe $$ on this so Im just selling it for how much i owe on it... rather then trade it in and not get anything for it and then have the dealer sell it for 6000..... thanks! Wes


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