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Am selling my AR, so my ammo stockpile must go. :) 930 rounds total

3x50rd. Fiocci 50gr. V-max .223

20X20rd. PMC Bronze 55gr. FMJBT .223

11x20rd. Sellier & Bellot 55gr. FMJ .223

1x20rd. American Eagle 55gr. FMJ 5.56

7x20rd. PMC X-TAC 62gr. Green Tip 5.56

All new, all purchased within the last two years.
Will throw in an ammo case w/air seal to carry it all.

View attachment 186756

Asking $260 (Maths out to approx. $0.28 a round, or $5.60 for a box of 20. Also, no tax or shipping!)

Located in Bellingham, WA. (Can not currently make it much further south than my current location.)
Not interested in shipping out of state, not interested in parting out.
Must have valid ID (just need to see it to make sure you're not Canadian or anything ;) )

Thanks for looking!
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EDIT: sorry should have read the post more carefully...good luck on the sale. I will PM you if I find someone who can make the trip for me.
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