91 Jeep Cherokee SOLD! GONE!

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    Need to raise some cash, so I have to sell my Jeep.

    It's a great rig, starts right up every time. In the last six years I've replaced the water pump, starter, battery, and driver u-joint up front. Four wheel drive works great on it, drove around on literal ice sheets one winter a few years ago without a single wiggle. It has pretty much new tires since I usually only drive it in the winter. Brakes up front are fairly new without many miles on them.

    It doesn't have the usual leaky heater intake problem, as I addressed that but good. Cracked windshield, but it goes across the top out of the way. This would make a great start for a dirt toy, bug out rig, or just something for crappy weather.

    4.0 HO six, overdrive automatic. It has the towing package, so the diffs have 3.54 gear sets and I think the rear is limited slip.

    Added pics. 11/14 - the rusty spots in the way back are from the steel plates I had back there to make sliding heavy stuff around easier.

    Get in touch with me here, or at johnhagenson@wavecable.com
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