WTS WA 8mm Mauser Romanian Surplus - 22k rounds

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    I have a business partner that sells primarily to DoD (Dept of Defense) that occasionally comes across buys that include ammo the DoD doesn't need. We have 22,000 rounds of 8mm Mauser ammo. Ammo is currently in MA, but will ship (whole lot) on our dime.

    Romanian Surplus
    380 round spam cans
    Lacquered steel case
    Corrosive Primers
    1977 vintage

    Will sell the whole lot at $0.29 a round. May consider selling in smaller quantities, 3 crates min (6 cans - 2,280 rounds) at $0.37 a round, but will need to figure out shipping costs. Please email me - don't check PMs very often. Myamoto72 at gmail dot com

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